GPX upload improvements

After hopefully having sorted out all problems caused by the rusher migration to a new, faster server I’ve now finally figured out how to improve the user interface for GPX uploads.

The three notable changes are:

  • Creating a map now starts with the “Geographic area” tab selected as default instead of “City search”. This is needed to make sure that the map is properly initialized before a possible GPX upload.
  • The GPX upload form step near the end of the form workflow has been replaced with a third input mode tab in the first step, labeled “GPX track”. This allows to upload a track, and will then switch back to the “Geographic area” tab to display the selected track as preview
  • Uploaded files will now be checked for being valid GPX files

2 thoughts on “GPX upload improvements”

  1. ¿Could it have an optional copyright credits box?
    For example, I want to credit the .gpx author in the pdf, but there is no option to do so.
    Thanks in advance

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