Surveillance overlay updates

I’ve finally shown the surveillance overlay some love again, the render style should now be up to date with the original Surveillance under Surveillance online map style.


Changes include:

  • correctly calculate camera viewing ranges independent of zoom level
  • support for new camera symbols for fixed and panning cameras
  • some code cleanups

To create a printable surveillance map for your area:

  • Go to my MapOSMatic instance
  • Select area by city name, or by choosing a rectangular geographic area
  • Choose a page layout (the default should be OK)
  • Choose a map style (#3 “Monochrome version of CartoCSS OSM” is probably best for this)
  • Choose the “Surveillance Camera” overlay from the overlay list (3rd from the bottom)
  • Choose a paper size and orientation
  • You can skip the GPX track upload step
  • Enter a page title, and optionally a notification email address
  • Submit request

Single page render requests should usually only take 5 minutes or less to process, but depending on queue size and complexity of other jobs in the queue longer wait times are sometimes possible.

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