Rendering Deamon problems resolved (mostly)

Being mentioned in Wochennotiz / weeklyOSM 339 lead to quite some additional traffic (which is good), but unfortunately also revealed an issue that could only surface with enough parallelism. This lead to random rendering failures, and eventually to a total stop of the rendering daemon on Tuesday and parts of Wednesday.

This has hopefully been resolved now, the rendering daemon has finished all pending jobs in the queue, and I manually restarted those jobs that were listed as “canceled by user”, knowing that at least some of these had actually been killed by the system instead.

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MapOSMatic instance currently down :(

Update: the problem was in dead code in my own extensions to the OCityMaps renderer which used Nominatim via geopy.geocoders at some point in the past. This code was no longer used / needed and so has been removed now.

Original post:

The MapOSMatic instance currently returns “500 internal server error” only, the root cause of this is some OpenSSL error deep inside Django/Nominatim integration as far as I can tell so far.

This started after installing “Lets encrypt” and enabling SSL on another domain hosted on the same server, even though the MapOSMatic site doesn’t even use https yet.

So I’m not sure yet whether this is due to Apache configuration changes, or due to additional Pyhton packages that got installed during the process …