New style: OpenArdenneMap by Julien Minet

I just added the OpenArdenneMap style by Julien Minet in the “Countries” section of styles. OpenArdenneMap is a topographic style with a focus on providing contour data that is adjusted by taking river data from OSM data into account.


I met Julien after my SOTM talk in Milano last year. I was impressed by it on the spot, but unfortunately it required an imposm database setup instead of the osm2pgsql schema, which I can’t support yet for disk space reasons.

Julien was already thinking about porting his style to the osm2pgsql schema, and now this has indeed materialized, and I can finally offer his style as a base style choice. You can find the style in the “Countries” section in the style selection box, I’ve put it there as it uses French terms in several places, like “Gare” for train stations.

Right now I can only provide contour lines from the sample shapefile bundled with the styles Git repository, and some font sizes still seem to be a bit off in my installation, but we’ll probably be able to figure these things out pretty soon …

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