Umap handling improvements

Umap overlay support hat a slightly bumpy start, so I may have put it on the public server too early, but should now be fully usable in single page mode.

Fixes and improvements applied during the last two days include:

  • rendering doesn’t fail anymore when certain properties are not found
  • per-layer defaults are now taken into account in addition to global ones
  • the “circle” and “ball” markers are now rendered properly
  • whether a marker icon should be black or white is now reliably detected
  • external marker icons referenced by http: or https: URLs are now downloaded and displayed
  • dash patterns are supported when rendering lines
  • the map title field is pre-filled with the Umap map name
  • when the umap file uses a tile layer style supported by this MapOSMatic instance it is auto selected

Things that are still missing or need to be fixed:

  • Umap overlay rendering in multi page format
  • handling of label display options
  • vertical marker positioning may still be minimally too low or high

1 thought on “Umap handling improvements”

  1. Thanks for developping this tool.
    for non expert user, going from UMAP to a printed map is a real pain.
    the tool that you are developing seems to meet this use case.

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