Things to come …

There haven’t been any visible changes since FrOScon, so I want to give a quick update on things I’m currently planing or actually working on.

My main focus right now is on improving the GPX track overlay feature,

moving the track selection up front as an extra tab into the area selection step at the beginning of the “New map” form wizzard.

There have also problems with GPX files that start with an UTF byte order mark in front of the actual XML content.

The later issue has made me look into finally moving things from Python v2.x to v3.x due to its improved unicode support.

I’ve only mostly finished converting the OcitysMap renderer so far, things almost work fine again, the only remaining bug I kbow of right now is that the map grid shapefile somehow doesn’t get rendered.

Porting the web frontend still needs to be done, but will probably require less work due to its smaller total code size, and less dependencies on libraries that had massive (and hardly documented) API changes as I had to deal with on the rendering side with Pango and PangoCairo.

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