A Quest for Stylesheets

I’ve been collecting various map rendering styles for my MyOSMatic instance for quite a while now, integrating whatever I found useful and not too hard to integrate.

I’d now like to put a bit more systematic effort into this, and for this I need some “swarm intelligence” help.

So if you know of a map rendering style out there that you’d like to see supported please let me know.


  • The style files must be under a “sufficiently open” license
  • It needs to use Mapnik XML or CartoCSS as implementation language
  • … sorry, no MapCSS, unless someone can come up with a good converter to MapnikXML for that
  • It needs to be sufficiently distinct from the default CartoOSM style and other already supported styles so that it adds real value
  • It must be based on the standard osm2pgsql database style. If it adds some fields on top of that it’s ok, this can be solved by providing views that make use of the hstore-all tags column. But setting up a completely different database schema is not possible due to space and processing time restrictions.

If you know of any good map styles that match the criteria above please let me know in a comment on this post, or even better: create a feature request issue on Github

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