WayMarkedTrails database reimport

WayMarkedTrails overlays for hiking routes etc. are currently not available as the underlying database needs to be reimportet.


Some of the data seems to be missing for yet unknown reasons, I only noticed this when generating samples of different styles and overlays for my FOSSGIS talk and found none but two tiny segments in the generated hiking overlay output for Passau while the WayMarkedTrails site showed quite a few hiking routes near the old town of Passau.

Reimport is now happening, WayMarkedTrails overlays are currently not offered in the web frontend, and will be reenabled one by one as soon as the data is imported and prepared again.

Import of last weeks planet file has completed, currently hiking specific data is prepared from it …

2 thoughts on “WayMarkedTrails database reimport”

  1. Hiking, riding, slopes, and skating overlay layers are back.

    Cycling and mtb imports are still running, should be finished by tomorrow.

  2. Everything almost back to normal now, all WayMarkedTrails overlays are enabled again, the data is still a few hours behind, but the hourly diff import is reenabled now and will catch up with the backlog over the next few hours.

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