Mapnik v3, CartoOSM 2.45.1 and other changes

After re-importing the database I’ve now merged patches from Étienne Loks that add support for Mapnik v3.x to the OCitysMap rendering backend.

I’ve also improved the Fire hydrant overlay, and added support for using more than one overlay style.

Mapnik v3 support for OCitysMap came just in time for the CartoOSM 2.54.1 style release which no longer supports Mapnik 2.x now.

I’ve also updated the Fire Hydrant overlay to be more similar to the OpenFireMap style. Changes include:

  • different icons for underground, pillar and wall mounted hydrants
  • added support for suction points at overground and covered reservoirs
  • added rendering of fire stations
  • at low zoom levels small red dots are rendered for hydrants instead of type specific icons

It is now also possible to select more than just one overlay style. For now the order of overlays is fixed though. The database and the rendering backend support different orders, but the web frontend still needs something slightly more clever than a simple checkbox list to support this.

After switching the rendering database to a different host and back there were glitches that broke the OpenTopoMap and the old German style. OpenTopoMap has since been fixed, and support for the old German style has now been discontinued (same as its upstream).

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